Hi there! I’m Aarti, a soft skill expert and an OG corporate suit.

INFP-T, Capricorn as they come... I live for fresh roses, I'm almost always in a blazer, and promise, I loved dark academia before it became an aesthetic.





I was a corporate Chief of Staff working in NYC for Fortune 500 companies. It felt like a dream. Until it... wasn't. 

So young, so pink, so serious!

High powered meetings in tall, glittering towers.
Grabbing steaming cups of coffee before jumping into crowded trains every morning. Hearing my high heels clickety-clack on marble floors. Securing funding, hiring vendors, revising contracts, late nights, earlier mornings, endless re-applications of red lipstick, power lunches and power suits.


I was the consumate corporate suit. I worked hard and spent years climbing the corporate ladder, made it, and got burnt out.


I wasn't able to live in my purpose: empowering women to show up as their best selves with style, sophistication & the curated strategy to accomplish their every goal.

I grew up watching old Hollywood films. Watching Gregory Peck (swoon!) romance Audrey Hepburn. Or the mesmerizing way Grace Kelly made James Stewart melt with her beauty and delicate manner. 

I grew up with the most glamorous mother a girl could ask for. She was a former model and consummate lady. From the way she walked, spoke and dressed she dripped fashion, elegance, charm and beauty. It captivated little Aarti. I wanted to do that. Be that. 

A lot of what I practice today, comes from her.

I used to be a nerdy, be-speckled, gangly teenager who was teased for looks. Oh yes, sweet reader, I had braces, was very quiet and always had my nose in a book. It took me years to get out of that comfort stage and into sophistication, pageants, and an entire world of beauty and elegance.

But it was my mother that was my biggest cheerleader and coach. And without her my glamorous transformation journey would have been a lot harder.

As a certified professional makeup artist, graduate of an English finishing school, former pageant queen and holder of a a Bachelors and Masters degrees in both Behavioral Science and Psychology, I am uniquely qualified to empower women to reclaim their softness, curate beauty and glamour and employ soft power for the ultimate life and career leverage.

I can be your coach and biggest cheerleader. I did it. And you can too. Now it's your turn, darling.

Let's do this together,

Feminine force is that inner strength, that power, that will face down any negative circumstances in life and defeat them.
- Georgette Mosbacher

Top: Me at Brooklyn Botanic.
Middle: My fave outfit.
Bottom: Because... flowers.


Aarti hopes to be known for teaching women how to seamlessly blend and use femininity and soft power to stack the deck in their favor in any room they're in.




I live for a great blazer. Seriously, I own like 34. Everyone looks better in a blazer. 


I can't swim. Never have been able to. Probably never will. #secretshame


I say my favorite show is The Office, but it's actually Sons of Anarchy and Downtown Abbey. 


I still watch 90's sitcoms, side part my hair and roller set my hair. Sue me. 

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Crème brûlée infused with lavender 

celeb i'd love to meet

Queen Rania or Michelle Obama

Guilty pleasure

European charm. Also, historical romance novels.

alternate universe job:

A diplomat or TV journalist. I love telling stories and languages.

favorite place i've been:

London. Give me all the tea and sconesssss.

drink of choice

A virgin piña colada, of course!

can't live without

My electric blanket. Keeps my perpetually cold feet happy.

usually craving

Peanut butter and banana shakes... and sushi. 

heels vs flats

Heels, baby, heels.

favorite show to binge

Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth) or Poldark

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