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I’m Aarti, Your Favorite
Personal Development &
Soft Skills Coach

I'm the founder of the only luxury academy that teaches women bulletproof the strategy behind building soft skills, presence, influence and confidence so that they can live their wildest dreams.

Bold claim, huh?
Not to worry, I have the receipts to back it up, darling.

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Your Alma Mater Left Off

Embrace your confidence and unlock your full potential as we help you navigate master complexities of human connections and unveil the secrets to a fulfilled living your dream life. Unapologetically.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to guide women on a transformative journey, merging the art of human psychology with the elegance of soft power.
By mastering these harmonious skills, you'll effortlessly stack the deck in your favor across all facets of life - from your career and love life to your social circles. 

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The only signature program on the market that teaches women how to become truly unstoppable.
Confidence. Presence. Soft Power.
After graduating this program, you'll become a woman to be reckoned with. In and out of the boardroom.

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Intimate and tailored mentoring with the founder, Aarti Seaton. 
During these sessions Aarti gives you customised training on all aspects of your journey to becoming an irresistibly powerful & sophisticated woman.

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Finding it hard to make friends with like minded women? Join our private social club, where we'll solve your most urgent dating, fashion, career and everything else problem in a flash!
It's like having your own personal self development coach right in your cute little handbag.

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The Duchess Academy  is a community of smart and ambitious women who desire to achieve all their wildest dreams through self-development, unshakable confidence and soft power.

This is where you're meant to be. 

Redefining what it means to be both feminine and powerful.


Red lipstick lover & total romance novel nerd.
Was into dark academia before it became a thing.
I'm a total alpha female. Rawr. 

With over a decade of experience as an image consultant, professional makeup artist, and a Masters in both Psychology and Behavioral Science, I am uniquely qualified to teach women to become the most feminine, powerful and confident versions of themselves.

I believe in teaching smart and ambitious women how to to strategically position themselves in life and in love, via soft power and psychological based strategy. And all while utilizing their feminine power and confidence, and without losing connection to what makes them unique.

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Higher quality relationships, a solid career and quality social networks?
Enduring confidence and a trail of raving admirers?
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The Duchess Method ™

Our popular signature program!
Confidence. Presence. Influence.
After graduating from this program, you'll become the dream woman you've always wanted to be.

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