Welcome to The Duchess Société™ 

Welcome to
The Duchess Société 

An exclusive social club for sophisticated, high achievers that refuse to settle for less. Welcome home, darling. 

What if you were given the exact framework to live the life of your dreams?

Join theCommunity! 

Feeling crazy overwhelmed on how to start your self development journey?

You started your journey to become your most sophisticated and evolved version of yourself because you wanted to live your dreams. It might be personal or professional.
But the stress you feel over all the massive amounts of information out there is keeping you stuck and unable to just start.

And it's hard knowing where to start, right?

Look, darling, I’m going to be honest with you. You’re working way too hard to find the most effective solution.

Ready to do this the easy way?

The way most coaches teach sophisticated self development is broken & just plain single minded

The way most coaches teach femininity is broken & just plain one sided

There's more to mastering feminine power than hypergamy. shots elegantly fired.


Everywhere you look, "femininity coaches" are teaching you how to land a "high value man". But nobody is teaching you you how to become a high value woman!


If you’ve ever been told that you need to be born into the upper class to be a sophisticated woman, or if you feel like you don't have what it takes... then let out that breath you’ve been holding. Because there’s a better way.


If you’re feeling frustrated that you'll never achieve a full elegant transformation — you’re not alone.
(And it’s not your fault)


If you’ve previously invested in a course or coaching program to better yourself and only been left more confused than ever… it’s not your fault. It’s because most coaches focus selling you fluff.  But the reality is, you need actual strategy, darling.
Not pretty. fairytale dreams.

“Aarti is my best kept secret. I didn't want to share her.”

I really don't want to share her with the world but what she's done for my confidence, her attention to customer service and care she had for me was nothing short of amazing! She's a TRUE expert. The minute you get on a call with her, you see it right away. She radiates elegance and class. And she inspires you and guides you to be the most classy and powerful version of yourself. 

— Marilyn I.

But guess what...

It suddenly becomes SO much easier to achieve a fully powerful & sophisticated transformation when you finally understand:

*The combination of both strategy and mindset.
*How to learn how to master confidence without getting in your own way.
*The system that brings you more ease and stability.
*The more consistent way to keep you accountable.
*Allow a true expert to teach you how to be the BEST version of yourself.

You became the most in demand woman in your social circles, creating an air of mystique and charm in your wake?

Feel fully supported by a coach and community who have your back, are you biggest cheerleaders, never tell you you're not good enough?

Achieve your personal and professional goals, with the confidence to stand out in even the most crowded fields?

Be admired, respected and even envied for your poise, beauty, knowledge of social graces and ability to charm audiences as small as 1 or as big as 100.  

Pause for a second and imagine what life would look like if...




Persuasion and influence

The premium monthly membership for women who desire to stack the deck in their favor and WIN. Every time.

The DUCHESS Société™ 


Ask your most burning questions, share thoughts with other women in the group and receive helpful feedback from The Duchess Academy™ Team.

       Join the monthly Q&A with Aarti as she covers all different tiers of sophisticated self development.
       This is your time to ask the burning questions you've always had but never had the answers to.


What We'll Be Doing Together to Transform You into a Polished & Powerful Woman

Monthly Masterclasses

Live Group Q&A 

feature one

feature two

We address popular dating myths and give expert dating strategy.

       Learn how to choose and vet for the right for the job.
       Learn to vet for a man with true assets and leave the dusties... well, in the dust. 
      Learn to protect your heart, energy and emotions when dating.

Dating Strategy

feature four

Have a date night outfit you need feedback on? Perhaps you're trying that smoky eye look and need an expert to guide you. We've got you covered!

        Every month, one member will get training and feedback on their look, wardrobe choice, social media, dating profile, and expert advice etc.
        Get expert training on skincare, makeup application training and product recommendations for your face shape.


Monthly Member Makeovers

feature Three

       Get the stand out strategies you need for your dates, networking, interviews, and personal development and more, instantly.
       Get the accountability and support you need to stay on track as you work through you self development goals. 
       Receive weekly intention setting and motivation with Aarti at the beginning of each to start your week off positively and keep you on track! 


We'll discuss books meant to uplift, inspire and mentally stimulate. 

     As a group we'll keep one another uplifted through authors' lived experiences and advice.
      Members' recommendations will be considered for our book rotation.

Instant access to a glamorous community of like-minded women who won't shame you for putting you and your elegant goals first.

        Learn from other women about what is and isn't working for them.
        Get continuous encouragement and check in with if you need feedback or a quick pep talk.
         Meet up and party with your fellow Duchess at our Monthly Soirees!

Monthly Bookclub

Monthly Soirée

feature three

feature four

       As a certified professional makeup artist, Aarti will teach you how to create looks that stop traffic!
      You will learn how to enhance your features and master the basics of skin care for flawless skin. 

Need a quick etiquette tip or date night advice? Take us with you everywhere you go!

      The Duchess Société™ app is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. 

Prefer to fast track your self development? Keep reading!

      Get one to one coaching with Aarti on issues specific to you. Whether you need more clarity on a group lesson, the man you're currently dating, get laser focused on etiquette, or anything in-between, Aarti's gentle and fun style of coaching will have you walking away ready to take on your world.
 * This is only available to those who pay for the yearly plan. You get one hour of coaching per month directly with Aarti.

Monthly Masterclasses

Take The Duchess Société™ With You

*3 Months of Private Coaching with Aarti

feature six

feature seven

feature ten

     As a monthly member you receive exclusive discounts on Duchess Academy products.
     Members are guaranteed the same membership price forever regardless of any future price increases.
*If you leave and re-enter, you'll have to enter at the new price.

Member Discounts on Courses & Digital Products

feature five

       Get the stand out strategies you need for your dates, networking, interviews, and personal development and more, instantly.
       Get the accountability and support you need to stay on track as you work through you self development goals. 
       Receive weekly intention setting and motivation with Aarti at the beginning of each to start your week off positively and keep you on track! 


Feel incredibly at peace because you've finally reconnected with your most sophisticated & feminine self.

in your dainty back pocket, you’ll be able to:

Have the firm confidence, not only in yourself, but in your ability to achieve any goal you set.



The Duchess Société 

Know how to navigate in different social circles without embaressment.


Master how to create a mesmerizing wardrobe and create beautiful makeup and hair looks. 


Invite romance, beauty, joy and massive abundance into your life because now, you're ready to receive it.


Yes, I need this!

“I didn’t think it would be worth it. It was. I didn’t think it would work for me. It did. I didn’t think I’d be *that* success story. I am. Aarti, you're the truth.”

-Jennifer G.

Kind Words

“Aarti's coaching has really been a breath of fresh air. I feel like a new woman. Empowered.”

- Jazmin F.

Kind Words


Join for the beautiful transformation & stay for the regal           

So let's get started, darling!

“Working with Aarti is a true gift. Her curiosity leads her to ask the right questions to help guide me through the unknown.”

Lucy regained her boardroom confidence

Yes, It Really Works!

“My mind is blown. Aarti did that! Period! She helped me level up my wardrobe and made color suggestions I never even thought of!"

Michela found powerful confidence

“As an older woman, Aarti really made me feel seen and heard in an industry that concentrates more on younger women.”

Janice reclaimed her femininity and found strength

Ready to get results like these?

“It's never too late to be what you might have been.”

— george eliot

Monthly lessons dropped each month taught by Aarti.

The days of starting towards your new goal and never finishing are over. You'll get continual guidance, check-ins and have a trusted guide and community to keep you going.

You'll have access to lessons archives PDF guides, and templates.

Get answers specific to your self development journey!

Continuous improvement is the goal, ladies. You'll get review and feedback from your facilitators and the other women in the program.

The women in the program will be selected who are at a similar level of experience, with similar goals, and who come from different industries.
We expect you'll get to know each other well and come to rely on each other for input and support.

Here's How Our Monthly Membership Works:

JOIN THE community!

Monthly Masterclasses


Private Online Community

Carefully Chosen Group Members

Continuous Review & Feedback

Monthly Q&A

Your Monthly Schedule:

Week 1: first Q&a

Week 2: Soiree

week 3: Book Club

Week 4: second Q&A

Join aarti for your the first Q&A of the month!

get to know your fellow duchess! Chat, get dressed up and bring a beverage. It's a party! 

Join the book club session as we discuss the latest books related to self development and social strategy.

Join Aarti for your second live Q&A and get your self development questions answered,

- Sarah P.

“I can't thank Aarti enough! My confidence has totally changed!”



Ashleigh J.

“This was the best investment ever and I'm so glad I got in at the Founder level!”



- Sarah P.

“I can't thank Aarti enough! My confidence has totally changed!”



Aarti Seaton is a self development coach and soft skills expert. Her mission is to help women reclaim confidence in their image, themselves and ability to influence others. She helps all women; from shy wallflowers to whip smart alpha females - she gives them concrete strategy needed to conquer their worlds confidently and powerfully. 

And that's why she created The Duchess Société ™. Because even if you weren't born into elite circles or have never had a feminine guide or mentor to show you the way, learning how to be the a lady of sophistication shouldn't be overwhelming or daunting. 

Ready to unlock and release the elegant woman inside you?

I'm ready to JOIN!



Even if you only have a few hours per month, you’ll be well on your way to to achieving your most wildest dreams.

I want there to be no excuse for you to hold yourself back from learning the art of your femininity and soft power (soft skills) to achieve your goals.

The Duchess Société ™ was designed with you in mind.
It was created to make it easier for you to become the woman you've always dreamed you could be.

And with an iOS and Android app that allows you to learn on the go, there's no excuse to keep putting your dreams on hold.

What do you have to lose?

I see you.
You too can experience an incredible transformation.

Study at your own pace

Learn from a self development expert


Follow a proven roadmap

Living a life that you've only dreamed about.

Achieving your most ambitious career goals.

Developing crazy confidence and positive self-belief.

Using psychologically backed strategy to influence others.

Enhancing yourself through image and style curation.

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

Do you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

I'm so ready!

Is The Duchess Société™ Membership not your cup of tea?

We know that this program has incredible value, but we want you to feel confident in enrolling. If you join The Duchess Société™ Membership and find it's not a right fit for you, then you can cancel at any time. There are no strings attached and we won't question you. 
Because of the nature of digital products, we do not offer refunds as you would have already accessed all of the information while inside the academy.

Access to your membership will be revoked on the day you cancel and you won’t be billed again. You will not be refunded for any unused portion of your membership period.

Cancel at any


This is for you if:

You’ve always idolized the sophisticated & powerful woman And aspired to become her.

You're Looking for a Quick fix to all your problems.

YOu ARE ready to do the work it takes to be your best self come and Thrive.

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO roll up your sleeves DO THE WORK.

You're tired of not getting that promotion, raise, partner, etc. You're tired of being tired and want to radically change your life for the better.

It's probably not for you if...

YOU'RE looking to be told that all you need are chanel bags, marilyn monroe movies & louboutin's to be "High value".

Is The Duchess Société Membership
right for you? 

join the most exclusive social club for sophisticated self development!

So what are you waiting for, dalring?

I’m a a total beginner to sophisticated self development & soft skill coaching— is this the right fit for me?

This program is PERFECT for you! And we'll tell you why: You would not have picked up bad habits and false advice. The Duchess Société™ is the big sister and mentor you've always wanted but never had. We'll guide you every step of the way helping you develop into a fascinating woman of grace, saavy and sophistication.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried other self development & "femininity coaches" in the past and it never worked for me. How is this different?

At The Duchess Société ™ we give you step-by-step strategy. Real strategy, not fairy tale dreams. The issue with most of those other coaches and the femininity industry as a whole, is that a lot of these women don't have the experience outside of the old Hollywood movies they were raised on or the dating books they've read. They regurgitate this subpar information and passed it off to you. That's why you haven't had success in the past. Aarti is a former pageant queen, holder of two Masters degrees, over a decade of experience working and advancing in corporate America, an awarded public speaker,  raised in England - where she went to finishing school and was brought up in elite circles and communities. She holds the perfect blend of expertise and culture to empower you to reach your most ambitious goals. 

I’m really busy. How will I find the time to use everything The Duchess Société™ Membership has to offer?

Trust us, we see you. You already have a super full calendar, you're wearing all the hats and trying to juggle all the plates at once. There are days when we feel the exact same way. 
But can I ask you something? How long can you afford to NOT invest in yourself and consequently continue to push off your goals?

You deserve to achieve all your dreams and to do that you must develop healthy and productive habits and an empowered mindset.

Until you do those things, you may be stuck where you are.

The Duchess Société™ can help you. Through our strategic training, we empower you to hone your mind and body to achieve your most treasured goals.

When do we get started?

As soon as payment clears, we'll send you your Welcome email, a link to the membership site, and you'll be all set!

What happens if I don’t like it — can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Access to your membership will be revoked on the day you cancel and you won’t be billed again. You will not be refunded for any unused portion of your membership period since it is a digital product.

I've read so many books on confidence and self development. Is there anything really new at your Academy?

We'll be honest: The resources to be the most refined version of yourself is already out there. You can find it in a bookstore, Youtube, podcasts, Google, etc.
But the reason you're reading this right now is because those methods don't work. Could you go to each platform and figure it out on your own? Sure. But how much time are you wasting?

When you join The Duchess Société ™ you get immediate access to our three part framework that has helped many other women gets results, faster. And you get the additional live coaching element and ability to ask all your questions. You won't get that from self help books, podcasts or other coaching programs.

What happens if I miss a group coaching call?

Have no fear! Replays of every call will be made available within 24 hours and will remain available for you in the archives. We encourage you to attend LIVE as you're able to ask questions and benefit from additional teaching Aarti provides to other students on the call.


don't wait.

the cost of hesitation is the life you could have lived.

so what are you waiting for?


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