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Tired of reading tons self help books and getting no where?

Welcome home, darling.

You started this journey into elegance and self development because you wanted to enhance your life. But you keep hitting roadblocks.

You’ve tried following the advice of books and maybe other coaches, but none of their advice seems to work for you.

You feel like you’re wasting so much time Googling and Youtubing  "level up" strategies and you're ready to find another way to get actionable steps all in one place.

You think that because you might be "too old", "too fat", too *any other limiting belief*, that, you’ll never be able to transform into a mesmerizing woman.

You know you need the strategy, but you’re already so overwhelmed by all the tasks on your plate.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Missed Opportunities

You hold back from events or opportunities because you’re worried that you don't have the skill necessary to speak or style yourself appropriately. 


You’ve downloaded all the freebies and watched all the webinars about refinement and elegance, but it's left you with nothing but overwhelm and even more questions.


You’re scared that you’ll never accomplish your goals if you don’t have the guidance to make a change.

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What if it didn’t have to be so...


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Wouldn't it feel amazing

Have an actionable step-by-step strategy, without the stress of figuring out wardrobe, makeup, elite social etiquette, etc., on your own?

Feel beautiful, desired and empowered enough to achieve anything you set your mind to?

Wake up every morning feeling incredibly confident and use that as the springboard to take on your day and week?

i see you. i've been there. i can help.

You can do it, darling.

With the correct strategy catered to your specfic needs, you can achieve your dream of being a mesmerizing, confident and refined woman.

Do you feel like as soon as you start your femininity journey, whether it be learning to sit appropriately, dress beautifully, or speak articulately you give up as soon as you start? Chances are, you’ve felt like that. 

Spoiler alert: I hear it all the time, and lucky for you, I have some words of wisdom on turning that around:

You, my beauty, can do this.

And with just a little bit of our help, you can stop DREAMING and start LIVING. 


Hi! I’m Aarti Seaton, and I’m a Self Development and Soft Skills coach for high achieving women.

I empower women to develop the best and highest version of themselves via beauty and image, elocution and public speaking, and soft skill curation. We take great pains to ensure that all these skills are developed in both their personal and professional lives, so that they can identify and achieve their wildest dreams.

I would love to empower you to enhance every facet of your personal and professional life. And if you're ready to fast track your transformation, then private 1:1 coaching is the key.

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                        coaching and feminine strategy sessions are by application only. After applying, you will be notified of your acceptance or denial within 24 hours. 

Self development

The Grand Duchess

Our most highly requested and popular program! It takes you through my entire signature coaching process so that your life, your work and your relationships are truly transformed.
If you’re serious about change and want to become your best, most confident and elegant self then this is the package for you. We start with big picture goals, creating a mindset of confidence and success, and then we get into the details of what actionable steps you can take to achieve the success you desire.

Your commitment:

the investment: $10,000




3 months of enrollment into A VIP Community with likeminded women

Zoom Sessions Recordings sent to you to keep

Grand duchess, please!


Kind Words

Aarti changed my life. My transformation was night and day. I simply wouldn't be getting such amazing results in my femininity journey if not for her.

— Janice l., Business Owner

It’s my joy to recommend Aarti as a coach — she’s fun, compassionate and results driven.

— Lucy B, co-Founder, WorkWell

“As an older woman, Aarti really made me feel seen and heard in an industry that concentrates more on younger women.”

— elena, rose mercantile

The Duchess Academy® Promise

When You Work With Me, You’re More Than Just a Client. 

Here’s what makes The Duchess Academy®  experience so different.
Actionable Strategy:
We pride ourselves on providing our students with tried and true techniques that they can apply in all aspects of their lives for maximum effect.
True Expertise:
Our founder, Aarti, lives breathes and possesses training in the highest forms of etiquette and beauty curation. Trained in England and with a fervent belief that all women can create the life of their dreams; she now shares her signature training of the elite with you.
Complete Transformation:
We are so firm in our belief in our systems and training that we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will experience a true transformation.

Ready to transform into the most iconic and sophisticated version of yourself?
Let’s get there,


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Until then, darling. 

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