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SPEND an illuminating DAY WITH ME so that you can clear the roadblocks standing in the way of your dreams and Your sophisticated self development Via Behavioral Science Backed LIFE Strategy from an expert.

real talk. literally.

You don’t want to keep asking Google for the answers to your level up journey.

And while you don’t know what the answer to your problems is just yet… you certainly know what the answer isn't.

Take action with advice and guidance in real-time, so that by the end of the day, you’ll have achieved much more than you ever thought possible in one day.

It's time for some girl talk, darling

Ever wish you had an expert in your back pocket that could give you the answers to your biggest glow up problems ASAP?

You know you’d like to get the answers you need without judgement or guilt. 

You’ve downloaded all the freebies and watched all the webinars about you becoming the sophisticated woman you’ve always wanted to be, but it’s left you with nothing but overwhelm and even more questions.

And the answer is NOT taking a million online courses, asking your friends the same questions over and over again, or getting stuck consuming content online for hours from other gurus.

You know you need 1:1 support, feedback, and accountability to keep moving forward and reach your goals. NOW.

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What The Duchess Retreat Isn't...

It’s not a single 60-minute call, because it’s not long enough to dig into what you really need, and it doesn’t give you any accountability to take action.

It’s not a long term coaching or mentoring package, because you’re not in a place to make that commitment right now.

And it’s not yet another course that you never complete, because that’s not going to get you taking the action you need.

You KNOW you need support to get out of your own way, take some serious action and put an end to the IFFY feelings that are getting in the way.

Be heard and understood by an expert, without shame or guilt

It's a day on the phone with me, getting the exact strategy for your goals.

Are you stuck with where to take your life next?

You want to be polished, confidence, and refined but don't know where to start?

Your glow up needs priorities and a step-by-step plan, and you need accountability and a sounding board?

You may not have the time to enroll in our 3 month private coaching, and want quick answers?

If you answered yes to any of these, then this is where The Duchess Retreat with me can help!

What is
The Duchess Retreat?

I'm a soft skill expert and self-development coach. My mission is to help women build inner and outer confidence and master the art of soft skills to achieve their dreamiest goals. I help all women; from shy wallflowers to whip smart alpha females with the concrete strategy they need to achieve their dreams, confidently and successfully.

Even if you weren't born into elite circles or have never had a feminine guide or mentor to show you the way, learning how to be the lady of sophistication shouldn't be overwhelming or daunting. 

Ready to get started?

Hello darling,  


How Does This Retreat Really Work?

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But Aarti -

I host all of my virtual strategy days through an app called Voxer.

Voxer is a completely FREE nifty app that works like a walkie-talkie!

You can use it on your phone [it is iPhone and Android friendly] or simply use it on a web browser.

We will have the ability to send verbal messages [a.k.a - talk back and forth all day] or write out messages - just like a text conversation!

You will likely get both from me - some things are better written out and some things are easier to understand if you verbally explain them. And - let's be honest. 

Don’t worry – this isn’t a 5-hour long chat, and you’re not expected or supposed to be sitting by your phone waiting for replies.

We’ll be exchanging messages throughout the day at a steady yet relaxed pace. We could finish everything in a condensed amount of time or spread our convo out over the 5 hours.


Book your call below. Once you check out, you’ll be sent an intake form.

You will receive a pre-Voxer day intake form from me. My goal is to make sure our day is as value-packed as possible, so I want to learn a bit about you and your goals before we get going!

Download Voxer

Next, it’s time to get set up on the free Voxer app. You can use it on your mobile device or your computer and we’ll be able to chat back and forth through text and voice messaging.

When you get the app (in the app store), be sure to send me a test message to make sure we’re connected!

GET ACCESS TO your life changing session

Schedule a date on my calendar and we’ll get started! 

You’ll get access to me for all your self development questions and we’ll be able to chat back and forth at a relaxed pace during that timeframe.

Not to worry, we won't be chatting non-stop from 12pm-6 pm EST. One of the best parts about Voxer Coaching is that you have time to think about the questions you ask, the guidance I give and we volley back and forth!

Easy, non?

i can help because i've been there

The Duchess Retreat is for you if...

You don't need an entire 1:1 coaching program but would love focused, individualized support for a quick problem you're facing.

You're looking for smaller scale, more relaxed support at an affordable price.

You want to be able to quickly ask questions on the fly, talk things out, have someone to run ideas by, and get direct feedback.

Your quick solution is only a call away.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we talk about?

Honestly, whatever you want! This is the perfect time to ask a question about anything you might be struggling with in your level up journey or even as simple as a dating question. Even if you just want someone to bounce ideas off of, I’m your girl!

What is voxer? And how does this work?

Voxer is a completely free walkie-talkie app that you download in the App store on your phone and you will use to send messages back and forth with me. This personalized coaching gives you 1:1 access to me for the scheduled time you prefer using voice and text messaging with the Voxer app! 

What if I need to reschedule?

What kind of topic is not a good fit for the Duchess retreat?

What if your available dates don't work for my schedule?

Don’t worry. Message me at, and we’ll figure something out.

What if we’re in different timezones?

I’ll be available for you for 6 hours from 12-6pm EST and whether you schedule on Tuesday and Thursday. This means, most time zones get in a lot of conversation during The Duchess Retreat. 

How much time is included in the Duchess retreat?

How available do I need to be for the Duchess retreat?

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Do you have a payment plan?

“I've seen quite a few femininity coaches and while I was interested in pursuing a few classes with them I wasn't entirely convinced. They just didn't look or speak the part. But Aarti?! The MINUTE she came on screen on our Zoom call?! I was sold. She lives and breathes this elegant life. She lives it, knows the pitfalls and gives you actual strategy to reach the specific goals you set. Aarti, where were you all my life?!”

- Lacey P.

Imagine feeling excited about...


Getting expert advice, clarity, and breakthroughs right away!


Being finally able to let go of what's worrying you.


Get access to an expert sophisticated, self development coach without paying a fortune. 


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.


Be fully heard and understood without feeling shame or guilt about your situation.

is that a yes?

Are you ready to get those quick questions clarified, so you can keep on growing and glowing?

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“If you’re on the fence, let me just say that The Duchess Academy is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- Uzoma C., Business Owner


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