How to Use the Subtle Influence of the Power of Suggestion

October 12, 2023

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“The subconscious mind is ruled by suggestion, it accepts all suggestions – it does not argue with you – it fulfills your wishes.”

Joseph Murphy

Ever wonder how some women just seem to get exactly what they want? The secret isn’t just confidence or charm, it’s the art of suggestion. As a woman, you have a built-in superpower that allows you to subtly and skillfully plant ideas in other people’s minds. When wielded ethically, the power of suggestion is one of the most persuasive tools in your arsenal.

Understanding the Psychology Behind Suggestion

As women, we have a secret superpower that most of us don’t even realize – how to harness the power of suggestion. When used skillfully, it’s one of the most effective tools for getting what you want in life.

Understanding Why Suggestion Works

No one likes being told what to do. We have a psychological need to feel in control of our choices and lives. The minute someone demands or orders us around, we get defiant. But when an idea is presented in a subtle, thoughtful way, we feel like we came to the conclusion on our own. That’s why suggestion is so powerful.

Rather than demanding a pay raise from your boss, do some research on industry standards and present data showing you deserve to be compensated at a higher rate based on your experience and skills. Let them come to their own conclusion. Your co-workers will start to see you as someone who has good insights. When it’s time for promotions, you’ll be at the top of the list.

Let’s make this example even more realistic: Now, let’s discuss the topic of making suggestions in the workplace. When you have a specific task, project, or client in mind that you believe your team or company should consider, it’s important to approach it in a thoughtful manner. Instead of simply stating your opinion, it can be more effective to provide supporting research on how other companies in your field have successfully implemented similar ideas. By doing so, you’re not imposing your suggestions on your colleagues or superiors; rather, you’re presenting an idea that you believe would benefit the team, and giving them the freedom to decide whether or not to pursue it.

When your suggested idea is implemented and proves to be successful, it creates a positive association between you and good ideas. This can lead to increased recognition and value within your team or company. The ability to effectively suggest ideas and have them implemented is an important skill that can contribute to your professional growth and advancement. It’s climbing the corporate made easy!

In relationships, directly asking for gifts or favors often backfires. Talk about things you enjoy, like certain flowers or chocolates, when you happen to notice them. Drop subtle hints about how other women are treated by their romantic partners. Let your significant other come to the realization on their own that they want to do something special for you. When they do, shower them with praise and affection. They’ll associate those good feelings with doing kind things for you and will want to do more.

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Ways to use the Power of Suggestion in Everyday Life

  • Comment on things you like when you see them in stores or online. People who care about you will make a mental note.
  • Share interesting articles, videos or social media posts relating to things you enjoy. The seeds you plant will grow in the minds of others.
  • Compliment and show appreciation for people who exhibit qualities or behaviors you want to see more of. They will strive to continue being that person.
  • Present options or share examples of what has worked well for others in similar situations. Let people draw their own conclusions. They will be much more open to ideas they believe they came up with themselves.

The power of subtle influence and planting seeds in the minds of others is a skill every woman should develop. When you understand human psychology and how to ethically tap into it, you open up a whole new world of possibilities. Suggestion is a superpower, ladies. Learn how to use it.

What is the Power of Suggestion

Suggestion is a subtle superpower, so wield it wisely. The most effective time to use suggestion is when you want to influence someone without seeming pushy or demanding. Whether it’s your boss, coworkers, friends or your partner, no one likes being told what to do outright.

Instead, plant ideas and thoughts that lead them to the conclusions you want. For example, if you want a raise at work, do some research on standard salaries for your position. Then, schedule a meeting with your boss and say something like: “I’ve been researching salary ranges for my role, and based on my contributions this year, I think I deserve to be on the higher end of the scale.” This suggests you deserve a raise without directly asking for one. Your boss may very well come back with an offer. If not right away, they’ll likely start thinking of you as someone who deserves higher compensation.

In your personal life, use suggestion to get what you want without nagging or criticism. For example, if you want your partner to plan more date nights, say something like: “I was just thinking about that Italian restaurant we tried. Their lasagna was amazing. We should go back there again soon.” This plants the seed without demanding “Why don’t you ever plan date nights anymore?” Your partner will likely want to make you happy by planning an evening out. When they do, be sure to affirm them for it: “Thank you for such a lovely evening. You’re always so thoughtful.” This positive reinforcement makes them want to do it again.

The power of suggestion is subtle but psychologically strong. By influencing thoughts and planting ideas, you can achieve your goals without confrontation. The key is staying positive, appearing open to other options and letting the other person feel in control while steering them where you want to go. With practice, you’ll be using this feminine superpower like a pro in no time.

Ever thought about the magic behind the power of suggestion? It’s like this subtle science, blended with a pinch of psychology, that lets us gently guide people’s thoughts without coming off as bossy. Think of it like this: You’re at work, and you’ve been crushing it. Instead of marching into your boss’s office demanding a raise, you slide in a comment like, “Hey, just checked out the average salaries for my role, and based on all I’ve been doing, think I’m on the higher side, don’t you?” It’s not in-your-face, but your boss is now pondering your worth. Psychology magic right there.

Now, imagine using that same hypnotic charm in your personal life. Maybe you’re craving more romantic evenings. Instead of saying, “Why don’t we go out anymore?”, you reminisce about that divine lasagna at the Italian place and how cool it’d be to visit again. It’s an experiment in behavior and influence, and your partner, unconsciously motivated by your words, is probably already picking a date on the calendar.

Here’s the lesson transcript: The power of suggestion isn’t just about getting what you want; it’s an art, a psychological dance. Stay positive, be open, give good advice and gently sway the person’s thoughts, letting them think they’re in control. And before you know it, you’re using this tool, which some might call a psychological science, like an absolute pro. So next time you think you’ll need to be direct, remember the subtle art of suggestion. 

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What is an Example of the Power of Suggestion?

When it comes to influencing others, suggestion can be one of the most potent tools in a woman’s arsenal. Suggestion plays directly into feminine strengths like subtlety, intuition, and emotional intelligence. Unlike direct demands, suggestion works by persuasive

 In a world dominated by advertising and marketing tactics, it becomes necessary for individuals to cultivate the art of subtle influence. One effective tool in this arena is the power of suggestion. Whether you want to persuade someone to see things from your perspective or influence their decisions, the subtle power of suggestion can be a game-changer. By understanding how suggestion works and harnessing its potential, you can shape the thoughts and actions of others in a discreet yet powerful manner.
Suggestion operates on a subconscious level, appealing to the hidden desires and preconceived notions of individuals. It involves planting an idea or thought in someone’s mind without them realizing it, causing that idea to take root and influence their choices and behaviors. This psychological technique is used not only by advertisers and salespeople but also by policymakers, negotiators, and even everyday people in their personal relationships.
This article will explore the art of using the subtle influence power of suggestion and provide practical tips on how to master this skill. From understanding the psychology behind suggestion to employing specific techniques, you can tap into this powerful force to achieve your desired outcomes while maintaining a sense of integrity and respect for others. planting ideas and associations in someone else’s mind that lead them to the conclusion you want.

Using Your Words

The words you choose can be very suggestive. When you want something from your partner, like flowers, mention how much you love flowers in casual conversation. Comment on the flowers you see in stores or nature. Ask a friend about the flowers her partner gave her, saying how pretty they are. This plants the idea in his mind without demanding he buy you flowers. He’ll come to the conclusion on his own that you’d appreciate flowers.

Once he does give you flowers, express your admiration for his thoughtfulness. Tell him what a gentleman he is for always making you smile. This positive reinforcement will make him want to keep being that person who puts a smile on your face. He’ll start looking for more opportunities to surprise you, simply because of the way you described him.

Using Your Behavior

Your behavior and body language are also powerful forms of suggestion. When talking to your boss or team about a new project you want to take on, present research on how other companies achieved success by implementing something similar. Rather than telling them what to do, you’re introducing an idea you think would benefit everyone. If they choose to move forward and find success, they’ll associate you with good ideas and value your input.

While suggestion works on most people, there are always exceptions. Some people prefer direct demands and enjoy being told exactly what to do. Others see through subtle suggestion or simply aren’t receptive. The key is understanding your audience and using a mix of direct and indirect communication for the right situations. With practice, you’ll be using the power of suggestion like a pro in no time.

What is an Example of Suggestion in Psychology?

Suggestion is a powerful tool in relationships that allows you to influence outcomes without seeming demanding or bossy. When used strategically, it can help strengthen your connection with your partner and get your needs met. Let’s see this in action:

In Conversation

The words you choose in conversation with your partner can plant ideas and shape their thinking without them realizing it. For example, if you want to go out for dinner at your favorite Italian restaurant, mention how much you’ve been craving their eggplant parmesan or how the thought of their tiramisu makes your mouth water. Describe the cozy ambiance and intimate lighting. These casual comments will spark thoughts of the restaurant in your partner’s mind, increasing the likelihood they’ll suggest going there themselves.

You can also use suggestive questions to guide them to your desired outcome, such as: “Wouldn’t a date night be nice this week?” or “Are you in the mood for something delicious and romantic?” The power of questions is that they prompt your partner to envision what you’re describing, stoking their motivation and enthusiasm.

Subtly complimenting or reinforcing certain behaviors will make your partner eager to repeat them. For instance, if they surprise you with flowers, say something like: “You’re always so thoughtful. I’m lucky to have such a romantic gentleman in my life.” Associating that gesture with their identity will inspire them to seek out other opportunities to be romantic and thoughtful.

And Through Actions

Your behaviors and body language also communicate in suggestive ways. Cuddle up next to your partner while looking through photos of your last beach vacation together. They’ll pick up on your hint that another getaway would be welcome. Or cook their favorite meal, light some candles and put on soft music. Your actions set the mood and prime them for an amorous evening together.

The key with suggestion is staying under the radar. Don’t be obvious in your intentions or the techniques will seem manipulative rather than natural. With practice, you’ll master the art of getting what you want through the power of subtle influence. Suggestion allows you to tap into your feminine wiles in a way that feels empowering rather than demanding.

Harnessing the Power of Suggestion in Your Career

Harnessing the power of suggestion in your career is a subtle art that can help you climb the ladder of success. As a high-achieving woman, you already know that directly telling colleagues or bosses what to do is not the most effective approach.

Instead, plant ideas in their mind through strategic suggestion. Present data showing how other companies achieved great success by implementing a similar idea. Frame it as something that could benefit the team, rather than demanding they do it your way. If the idea is successful, they’ll associate you with good ideas and value your input. You’ll become indispensable.

For example, if you want to land a big client or take on an exciting new project, do some research on the potential benefits and opportunities. Create a persuasive case for why it’s worth pursuing. Present your findings to key decision makers, focusing on how it could boost the company’s success and profile. Help them see the vision without seeming pushy. If they go for it, you’ve subtly guided them to a smart choice while making yourself look good in the process.

In meetings, suggest minor changes or tweaks to improve procedures or workflows. Pay close attention to the reactions and feedback. If people seem open, propose implementing a trial run to test your theories. Frame it as an experiment, not a mandate. If it leads to increased productivity or morale, your colleagues will connect those positive results with your input. They’ll seek out your opinion more often, giving you greater influence and control.

Of course, there are times when direct and assertive communication is necessary. But in general, the art of suggestion is a powerful tool that comes more naturally to women and so you can now use it for getting what you want in your career while maintaining cooperation and goodwill. Wield it wisely, and the sky is the limit for how far you can rise.

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Harnessing the Power of Suggestion in your Personal Relationships

Suggestion is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when it comes to influencing and persuading others. In your personal relationships, harnessing the power of suggestion can help you get what you want without having to directly ask for it every time.

Use Your Words

With your partner, talk about things you like or want in an enthusiastic, casual way. For example, if you want flowers, comment on how pretty the blooms are when you walk by a florist. Say something like, “Those tulips are gorgeous. I just love having fresh flowers around.” This plants the seed in their mind that you appreciate flowers without you having to outright ask for them.

When you receive a gift or gesture from them, express your admiration and attribute it to their positive qualities. For example, say something like, “You’re always so thoughtful. I’m lucky to have such a kind and generous gentleman in my life.” This positive reinforcement will encourage them to keep being that person and doing those kinds of things to please you.

Your Behaviors Speak Volumes About Your Influence

Your actions and body language are also powerful forms of suggestion. Make eye contact, smile, and engage with them when discussing things you like. Give them your full attention. Touch them in affectionate, flirtatious ways. All of these behaviors indicate your interest and approval, suggesting the kinds of interactions and experiences you want to have together.

For example, if you want a romantic evening out, get dressed up, do your hair and makeup, spray on your favorite perfume. Your appearance and the effort you’ve put in will suggest to your partner that an special date night is in order. They’ll likely respond by also dressing up and planning an evening out at your favorite restaurant. Without you having to ask for it directly, your behaviors influenced them to give you exactly what you wanted!

The key to mastering the power of suggestion in your relationships is subtlety and positivity. Drop hints about what you want in an enthusiastic yet casual way and express admiration when your needs are met. Your words and behaviors are the tools for gently guiding your partner to happily give you what you desire. 

In wrapping up, the power of suggestion is a captivating tool that the human mind can harness. As we’ve journeyed through its nuances, please read and reflect deeply on the good advice shared. From the principles of NLP to the therapeutic wonders of hypnotherapy, our understanding of influence has evolved. While the idea might frighten some, with critical thinking, one can discern when an outcome will occur based on the suggestions given. It’s not just about implanting ideas; it’s about increasing the vividness of these people ideas in our consciousness. If you’re keen on diving deeper, get practice tests and explore the novelty of this field. The more we understand, the better we can utilize, appreciate, and even guard against the art of suggestion.

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