Soft Power: A Woman’s Most Effective Secret Weapon

October 31, 2022

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What do you think about when you hear the term: soft skills?

How about soft power?

What comes to mind?

Typically when people think of soft skills, subjects like communication, time management and critical thinking may come to mind.

Soft power is a lesser-known term most closely identified with world politics, specifically international diplomacy. 

The dictionary defines soft power as such:

  1. a persuasive approach to international relations, typically involving the use of economic or cultural influence.

Nifty, right?

The Duchess Academy® prides itself on many things. And one of the main points we take pride in is being the first adult finishing school for high-achieving women that teaches soft power.

You won’t find any other institution in the world teaching it. Not the way we do.

There may be many that come after us. But we’ll always be the first.

So, how does The Duchess Academy® define soft power?

Keep reading, darling.

The Dilemma

Go back to that definition of soft power up top. And pay special attention to the following words:

persuasive approach” and “influence”.

When I was deciding what would be one of the foundational pillars that I would teach women that would radically change their lives for the better and help them achieve their dreams; it was these words that continued to beat a steady pattern into my brain.

You see, darling, the problem most, if not all women face, is that they go to school, learn a skill/trade, graduate and apply for jobs that best fit the skills they’ve acquired and hope they live a good life.


They’re self-taught and through years of self-application and studying they become masters of their trade and they too, hope they can live a good life.

And this can be in any field – entrepreneurship/business ownership, the legal field, the medical field, the financial sector, working in the C-Suite, the political arena, television, and many more. 

Hope they can live a good life….

Hope is a funny thing. It pushes human nature to be and do more. 

But it doesn’t guarantee anything, does it?

(Keep this in mind as you keep reading.)

Here’s the problem – a lot of women struggle with the crucial skill, dare I say talent, needed to really make that 4, 6 or 10 year degree shine.

In other words, your alma mater never taught you how to stack the deck in your favor in every area of your life.

You were never taught how to crush your competition and make yourself a sophisticated powerhouse that took the world by storm.

No, they taught you your trade and then wished you well. All the other crucial life skills that you desperately needed, you had to bumble and fumble your way through

And many of you reading this still are.

Wishing and hoping that your degree will give you the life you’ve always wanted is a wild gamble, mon ami.

There’s that word hope again…

I mean, how many of you have degrees hanging on your wall that you don’t use in your day-to-day?

Are you truly living the life you’ve always wanted because of it?

And wouldn’t you prefer to learn a skill that can give you the house edge? 

What if, in tandem, with your mastery in your field you had a secret weapon that would ensure you came out on top?

In every job interview.

On every date.

Whenever you were introduced to a potential lifelong friend.

In every business negotiation.

In every confrontation.

If you said “yes” to any one of these.

Keep reading. 

I’m going to blow your mind. 

The Realization

The Duchess Academy® defines soft power as a person’s uncanny ability to positively influence people, their surroundings and/or their current situation to his/her benefit through their speech, image and emotional intelligence.

You see, you may have a degree in aeronautical engineering but the reason why you’re not making it past the second round of interviews is that you lack the ability to communicate the revolutionary ways you can help push the company to that next level.

You continuously fail to communicate your special sauce in a way that makes the hiring manager’s eyes light up.

Your communication is rudimentary, boring, and even short-sighted. 

You find safety in rattling off your resume history in hopes that the hiring manager sees your value. You even assume the fact that you’ve graduated from an Ivy League will win your brownie points.

Oh, dear…

Let me paint a slightly different picture..

It took you ten three to build your business but the reason it cannot scale and make it past $5k months is that your target audience is confused about your messaging.

 And the fact that your brand identity is a mess doesn’t help either. 

How will they buy from you if they cannot relate to a message and brand image that is clear and cohesive?

 One so intoxicating that it gets them to say,

 “Ah, yes. She’s my person. I’m going to book a call with her right now. This is who I’ve been looking for to solve my specific pain point.

Getting the point, mes amis?

Baroque architecture

The Grand Duchess’s Strategy

When I tell you that I can help you stack the deck in your favor in every area of your life.

 I mean it.

Every. Word.

  • You’ll have people eating out of your hands
  • Consistently get to the offer letter portion in your job interviews
  • Close on business deals that are always to your advantage
  • Negotiate higher salaries and raises
  • Build a higher quality of friends
  • Nail your intro pitch so that people want to invest in you
  • Become a more intoxicating speaker and win over audiences
  • Build bulletproof confidence and self-esteem 
  • Tap into your feminine energy and learn how to leverage it
  • Learning to use your image to your advantage in every room you’re in
  • Date better/higher quality men and get to commitment sooner

It is never too late to be what you might have been…. You can truly have all this and more.

And I can give it to you. 

Your degree, your career, your business is just waiting for you to help it explode in ways you’ve never seen before.

Hoping won’t get you there. Only action will.

So, I’d like to invite you to give yourself a chance to experience the magic of soft power.

Because once you drink from it. There is no going back.

I know this might seem intimidating. You have so much going on in your life:

family commitments, work pressures, life pressures.

And I’m telling you that you do not have to go through this journey alone, dear one.

I’ve already created the blueprint. 

The Duchess Academy® has always had the key to unlock your deepest potential that will allow you to truly soar.

All you have to do is simply reach out your hand and take it.

The strength to commit to this can be hard to muster and maintain when you’re juggling so much.

I see you. 

If it’s courage and strength you need, to take this step..

Take mine.

I have too much of it.

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